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Executive Health Screen

Executive Health Screen

…A comprehensive executive well being package…

Our Executive Health Screen is generally recommended for employees over the age of 40 and for senior staff members.

The screen lasts for 75 minutes and is an extensive and detailed medical examination carried entirely by the doctor.

Our Executive Health Screening Includes:

  • Full Medical History & Questionnaire

  • Full Medical Examination

  • Height, Weight & Body Mass Index – Body Fat %

  • Lifestyle Discussion/Advice

  • Urine Test

  • Resting ECG

  • Blood & Blood Pressure test

  • Lung Function

  • Hearing Test

  • Vision Screen

  • Stool Test – a screening test for bowel cancer (over 40)

Our Executive Health’s Additional Tests Include:

Additional Tests for Men:

  • Testicular Examination & Instruction

  • PSA – a screening test for prostate cancer (over 45)

  • Chest X-ray (if indicated)*

Additional Tests for Women:

  • Cervical Smear

  • Pelvic Examination

  • Breast Examination & Instruction

  • High Vaginal Swab (if clinically indicated)

  • Chlamydia Swab (if clinically indicated)

  • Chest X-ray (if indicated)*

  • Digital Mammography*

To speak with a member of our team to discuss any of the tests above or to book your Executive Health Screen please call us on 020 7638 999




*Available at extra cost. The PSA and Stool test are included in the
cost of the Executive or Premier Health Assessments