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Premier Health Screening

Premier Health Screening

…a fully comprehensive health screen aimed at investigating your current health, lifestyle and risk factors… 

The Premier Health screen lasts for 2 hours – the entire duration of which is spent with your examining doctor.

Our Premier Health Screening Includes:

  • Full Medical History & Questionnaire

  • Physical Examination

  • Full Personal Report & Results

  • Lifestyle Discussion/Advice

  • Urine Test

  • Resting ECG

  • Blood & Blood Pressure test

  • Lung Function Tests

  • Hearing Test

  • Vision Screen

  • Stool Test – a screening test for bowel cancer (over 40s)

  • Chest X-Ray (if clinically indicated)*

…The Premier Health Screen also includes an exercise ECG to measure your heart function during exercise…

Additional Tests for Men:

  • Testicular Examination & Instruction

  • PSA – a screening test for prostate cancer (over 45)

Additional Tests for Women:

  • Cervical Smear

  • Pelvic Examination

  • Breast Examination & Instruction

  • High Vaginal Swab (if clinically indicated)

  • Chlamydia Swab (if clinically indicated)

  • Digital Mammography*

To speak with a member of our team to discuss any of the tests above or to book your Premier Health Screen please call us on 020 7638 999



*Available at extra cost