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Corporate Healthcare

We know that each business is unique and that each workforce has differing needs. We pride ourselves on tailoring effective, efficient and flexible healthcare programmes to benefit any company and its employees, irrespective of size.

Corporate healthcare services provided for your business:

We can also provide a Per Capita Usage Corporate Healthcare scheme and an on-site health provision which can include our range of Health Assessments or a tailored Health Assessment package to suit your needs and the needs of your employees.

All of our Health Assessments have been designed to investigate your current health, lifestyle and risk factors and are focused on prevention and positive health.

Our tests include:

  • Pre-screening questionnaires which are reviewed with the doctor to cover all aspects of medical history as well as family history, lifestyle including sleep, diet and your overall well-being

  • A full medical examination with the doctor with time for discussion of specific problems or queries

  • Specifics tests for men and women

  • Cardiac Screening – Resting & Exercise ECG

  • Bowel Cancer Screening

Following your Health Assessment, your doctor will provide you with your own personal report and health information pack which will include details of your assessment and results.

You can discuss a future health plan with your doctor following this report and contact us with any queries or for any follow ups on 020 7638 2999 where we will be more than happy to help.