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Corporate GP London

Corporate GP London

Our corporate clients usually combine the GP facility with other services and will make appointments available to their employees on either an open or restricted basis.

Less time is spent out of the office and employees can be back at their desks in as little as 30mins. We strive to provide a same or next day appointment. Where necessary, follow-up investigations can be undertaken or speedy referrals to leading consultant specialists can be arranged.

…Your company can choose to pay per-capita or on a pay-on-usage basis…

  •  Reduces time out of the office

  • Online booking available

  • Range of usage schemes available

  • Fully independent onward referral available


We are one of the few remaining independent practices in the City so you can be sure that when our doctors refer you to a Consultant it is because they believe they are the best for your situation…not because the consultant is linked to their practice. A full onward referral service is available.

  • Fully independent referral process

  • Quick and speedy referral letters

  • Choice of top quality Consultants

Blood Tests:

A full range of investigative tests are available at our clinic to help aid diagnosis or to put your mind at rest. Our doctors will discuss fully the tests with you and their price prior to ordering the test. If you change your mind, no problem.

  • Full range of blood tests available

  • Quick results service

  • All costs explained to patient

In-house facilities…

…let us come to you

Time spent out of the office is money lost to a company. We can help you minimise such losses through the provision of an in-house facility.

Our on-site medical provision enables us to bring our quality service to your office. These are doctor based so that we can provide speedy prescriptions and referrals and replicate the level of service provided at 65 London Wall.

We are able provide any level of service including Occupational Health, Annual Health Assessments, GP Consultations, Annual Flu Vaccinations & Travel Vaccinations.