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Employee Health Screening

Employee Health Screening Services

Dr Kelly & Associates has extensive experience in creating and delivering employee health screening services, private health care, corporate wellness plans and we recognise the importance of employee health screening and the integral part it plays in a corporate health and wellness benefit programme.

…our health screening assessments are designed to help identify early stages of disease and provide you with an evaluation of your overall state of health and wellbeing…

Our tests and services are modern and state of the art but our personal service, focus on the individual patient and our willingness to place quality of care over our own profit margins is at its heart, proudly old-fashioned.

For all corporate screening programmes we offer a results analysis service so anonymous data can be compiled and analysed through our flexible and comprehensive medical management system. All results are then collated and our team of doctors can best advise your HR team on using the results to tailor your corporate healthcare strategy and prioritise health promotion events.

All corporate screening programmes are supported by a free recall service by phone or email and advice and materials for you to best promote your health benefits internally.

Furthermore, we understand how key it can be to provide a bespoke and flexible health screening benefit and we pride ourselves on our ability to do just that; tailoring specific health assessments and health screens to suit your needs and the needs of your employees.

Our Corporate Health Screens Include: