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Workplace Flu Vaccines

Workplace Flu Vaccines

Vaccinating Your Workforce

You can now call us to book your appointment for our seasonal Influenza (flu) vaccinations for the 2016/2017 season.

What is Flu (Influenza)?

True influenza is an extremely unpleasant and debilitating illness. It is usually of sudden onset with headache, fever, sweating, shivering, aching limbs and a general feeling of being most unwell. It can be complicated by a sore throat and cough and is almost always succeeded by a feeling of general debility with loss of energy and enthusiasm and everything seems too much of an effort! This may go on for some time after the illness but does gradually clear.

Due to influenza’s contagious nature, it can increase sickness absence in the workplace accounting for a significant proportion of time lost from work during the winter season. During the Swine Flu pandemic of 2009, employee absence cost the UK nearly £17bn at an average direct cost of £595 per employee. For this reason; many employers now partake in a flu vaccination programme.

Flu Vaccination programme

Our Flu vaccination programme can be done on site, making flu vaccinations available to all staff without needing to take time out of the office to have the immunisation or at our practice on London Wall. The price per vaccination if administered here at the Practice will be £20.50.

Our on-site prices are stated below:

  • Number of Vaccines – Up to 24

          Price per Vaccine – £15.50

  • Number of Vaccines – 25 – 49

          Price per Vaccine – £13.50

  • Number of Vaccines –  50 – 99

          Price per Vaccine – £11.50

  • Number of Vaccines – 100+

          Price per Vaccine – £10.50

  • Administration fee – £100.00

Actual treatment for flu is quite limited and for symptomatic relief people are commonly off work for more than a week if they develop flu. Vaccination is the only available option for prevention of the illness. This is preferable than trying to treat the infection once it has developed. Available treatments are anti-virals, eg: ‘tamiflu,’ and they act to limit the virus from spreading rather than prevent the illness developing in the first place.

Flu Vaccination Common Questions

What are this year’s flu vaccinations?

The seasonal flu vaccine always contains three strains for the predicted flu viruses that are most likely to cause flu in the coming flu season. The following strains are contained in the Influenza vaccine for 2016/2017.

  • A/California/7/2009 (H1N1) – like strain
  • A/HongKong/4801/2014 (H3N2) – like strain
  • B/Brisbane/60/2008 – like strain

Can I get the flu from the vaccine?

No. The viruses in the flu vaccinations are inactive so you cannot contract flu from the actual vaccines themselves.

When should I have the flu jab?

The best time to have a flu vaccine is in the autumn, from the beginning of October to early November. You can also have the vaccine later in the winter but please check to ensure there are vaccines left.

Booking a flu vaccination appointment?

Appointments are now being made for both on-site flu sessions (with a nurse) and appointments at the Practice and dates are available from Wednesday, 3rd October.

If you book an on-site flu programme we will provide you with a fact sheet on influenza, including contraindication details, which you can make available to your employees. This will provide them with information on the benefits of having the flu vaccination. Previous experience shows that if employees are given advice in advance of an immunisation programme they are more accepting and the number of employees seeking vaccinations is generally greater.

You can read further information on the side effects of the Flu Vaccine and Flu Jab here