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STI/STD Walk-In Clinic London

STI/STD Walk-In Clinic London

  • Need fast and reliable sexual health tests?
  • Need to see a walk-in STI/STD clinic in London?
  • Want a full private & confidential STI/STD screen?
  • Same day HIV results with our rapid instant HIV test.
  • STI/STD walk-in available or you can call, email or book online.

Our Sexual Health Clinic offers a full consultation with one of our experienced doctors and tests for sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, Syphilis, Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea. We also provide an instant HIV test and consultation as well as diagnosis and information on all areas from contraception and pregnancy testing.

Our Sexual Health Clinic Offers:

  • Private and fully confidential STI/STD testing services.
  • Experienced and friendly team.
  • Choice of male or female doctors.
  • Walk in and same day appointments often available.
  • Book online by phone or by email.

Sexual Health and You

At Dr Kelly & Associates, we offer the a range of sexual health screens for sexually transmitted infections/diseases (STI’s/STD’s).  Whether you’re concerned about a recent sexual incident, are worrying about symptoms or just want general peace of mind from a clean bill of sexual health, Dr Kelly & Associates is perfectly positioned to help you get the results and treatment you may need. If you want a complete check-up, we offer a full STI/STD screen but we also offer individual tests such as the instant HIV test.

To see our sexual health screening tests, please follow this link here